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Aug. 14: Meteor Shower Campout!

Nature's Corner #143 Learn about aquapoinics, what it is how you can do it!

Nature Center programs resume!

Nature's Corner #142 Naturalists Erin and Shannon tell us about wild animal rescue.

Is it safe to swim today? Go to BeachGuard Caesar Creek North Caesar Creek South

Going out on the water? Be safe, take your PFD! More tips …

Simple precautions to avoid ticks: More and even more

Welcome to the Activities page of the Nature Center Association of Caesar Creek!


The Archery Range is located next to the Day Lodge Group Camp on Middletown Rd. off of Clarksville Rd. There are targets set up at 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards. Past that section there are multiple lanes set up down the trail. No equipment is provided. You must bring your own. Please, no broadhead arrows may be used here.


The 2,830-acre lake is an unlimited horsepower designation. There are five launch ramps that are situated around the lake. Haines Boat Ramp - The northern most boat ramp near Cornstalk Rd. North Pool Boat Ramp - Located on the north side of St. Rt. 73 past the park office and the beach. Furnas Shores - Located on the south side of St. Rt. 73 opposite from the North Pool Ramp.(Steepest of the Ramps) Wellman Boat Ramp - Southern most ramp closest to the Dam located off of Oregonia Rd.

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Camping is available all year around. Some facilities may be limited during winter.

The Caesar Creek State Park Campground offers Class A camping facilities for you and your family to enjoy the beauty of nature, the fun of the state park, or simply get away from the bustle of everyday life for just a few days or up to two weeks.

The campground is located at 9000 Center Road, Wilmington, OH 45177. (Phone) 937-488-4595

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Citizen Science

Information about participating in Citizen Science activities will be posted here. This will include aspects of the natural and human history of the Caesar Creek Watershed and nearby areas, not just Caesar Creek State Park.

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Caesar Creek Lake offers many opportunities for anglers. The lake has over forty miles of shoreline with many small and large coves, standing trees, and stump areas. The average lake depth ranges from twenty feet at the north end of the lake to over 100 feet on the south end near the dam. This varied lake provides perfect habitat for many species of fish of interest to anglers. These include Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass, White Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, and Carp. In addition, Saugeye and Muskellunge are stocked annually.

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Trails for Hiking, Riding, and Mountain Biking

Caesar Creek has nearly one hundred miles of trails for Hiking, Mountain Biking, and Horseback Riding.

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The park features a 1,300-foot public beach. Changing booths are available. Swimming is permitted during daylight hours only. Swim at your own risk. Pets are NOT permitted on swimming beaches The beach is a Carry In Carry out area. No trash cans are available. Please bring trash bags with you. There is also a small beach located at the Campground for registered campers. Worried about the water's quality? For the latest Beach Water Quality Advisories please visit: http://publicapps.odh.ohio.gov/BeachGuardPublic/Default.aspx Worried about the water's quality? For the latest Beach Water Quality Advisories please visit:

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Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Volunteer! Besides the value that volunteers add to the public's experience, volunteers themselves become better informed and more knowledgeable about the environmental and social issues affecting natural areas. There are opportunities for almost every age, interest, and skill. Volunteers are most successful when they contribute to the overall objectives of their parent organizations. The Caesar Creek Area is owned and controlled by several government agencies with the support of more than a few volunteer groups.

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Geocaching is a relatively new outdoor sport that uses the Global Positioning System features of your smart phone to guide you to a cache of notes, souvenirs, and whatnot. It can be physically and mentally challenging, and a successful hunt is rewarding. For an overview, follow this link: link goes to REI Co-op. To get started, search the web using "geocache at Caesar Creek"; you'll find a list of geocaches in the area.

If you or your organization wishes to place a geocache, you must follow this link, obtain a permit, read the instructions, fill out the form, and deliver it to the Park Office. There is no fee for this permit. Have fun!

Bird Watching

There are many, many opportunities for bird watching in the Caesar Creek Region. Caesar Creek Lake itself attracts numerous migratory waterfowl among other birds. Nesting pairs of Bald Eagles have become established in the area. Other locations near the Lake include Spring Valley Wildlife Area, Caesar Creek Gorge Nature Preserve, Little Miami River Park, and Hisey Park operated by Warren County.

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