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Welcome to the Citizen Science page of the Nature Center Association of Caesar Creek!

Information about participating in Citizen Science activities will be posted here. This will include aspects of the natural and human history of the Caesar Creek Watershed and nearby areas, not just Caesar Creek State Park.

Species Listings and iNaturalist Links

The goal of these collection projects is to catalog the biodiversity of these State Parks and to create community awareness of this local biodiversity and to promote exploration of the natural environment. Links below open in new tabs.

iNaturalist Collections
Link to web site by a Volunteer and iNaturalist contributer
Caesar Creek Collection
Cowan Lake Collection
Little Miami River Collection
Fort Ancient Life Map

Other Links

Caesar Creek Lake Project Environmental Impact Statement - 1973 - USACE

Eastern Bluebird Nest Box Resources

Links to North American Bluebird Society
Links to Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Other Bluebird Links
sample Nest Box Monitoring Record (pdf)

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