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Aug. 14: Meteor Shower Campout!

Nature's Corner #143 Learn about aquapoinics, what it is how you can do it!

Nature Center programs resume!

Nature's Corner #142 Naturalists Erin and Shannon tell us about wild animal rescue.

Is it safe to swim today? Go to BeachGuard Caesar Creek North Caesar Creek South

Going out on the water? Be safe, take your PFD! More tips …

Simple precautions to avoid ticks: More and even more

2020 Naturalist Reports

Caesar Creek State Park with Volunteer Support

December 2020 Activities Report

Example DETOUR Map
Trail Team
  • Surveyed and cleaned up trails for new State Wide Mobile Map App: DETOUR
  • link to DETOUR start page
  • Thirty-two fallen trees removed
Park Naturalist Erin Shaw
posted some shor videos on Facebook
  • Hunting Art describes making art hith small animal bones
  • Hiking Sefety explains how to hike during hunting season.
  • Spoon Carving
OCVN Training Program
Classes are expected to begin in March, 2021

November 2020 Activities Report

Volunteers continued to maintain social distances
while they repaired trails, trailheads, kiosks, and bridges at 50 Springs Trail, Wellman Area Trails, Perimeter Trail

October 2020 Activities Report

Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director Mary Mertz
visited and camped at Caesar Creek campground
EPA awarded grant to Caesar Creek Collaborative
link to website of Warren County SWCD
Halloween Campout at Campgrounds, October 23 -25
Volunteers repaired trails and bridges at:
the campgrounds, Deer Run Trail, and Perimeter Trail at Furnas Shores.

September 2020 Activities Report

Seymour the Sycamore
Seymour the Sycamore
Storybook Project
Seymour the Sycamore is introduced.
Watercraft Maintenance
All Nature Center watercraft were inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary.
Turtles Webinar
Park Naturalist Erin Shaw participated in an ODNR Webinar about the turtles of Ohio. link to webinar
Trail Maintenance
A set of stairs near Horseshoe Falls was repaired and fallen trees were removed from the Wellman area trails, with a special shout out to Terry S. for donating so much of his time.
Volunteer Training
Volunteers received training in Watercraft Education, fish cleaning, and participated in a bird banding demonstration.

August 2020 Activity Report

Water crossing at Ward Road
Water crossing at Ward Road
COVID-19 Operations
Park attendance numbers are good, partly in spite of, and partly because of the pandemic. Unfortunately, Park operations are still restricted with no immediate end in sight. Efforts are being made at the State level to resume the Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist training program. Volunteers are learning how to have virtual meetings.
Perseid Meteor Shower Campout Cancelled
Maybe next year...
Storybook Project
The volunteers creating the Bald Eagles at Caesar Creek storybook held a draft review of their work so far.
Nature's Corner
Officer Chris Dice from Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Park Naturalist Erin Shaw, and Volunteer Ron K. discuss the "do's and don'ts" of water safety at the swimming beach.
Building and Grounds
A Monarch Caterpiller feature was added to the Playscape.
A rainwater collection system was added to the Raptor Flight Cage.
Trail Maintenance
A new water crossing was finished on the Ward Road section of the Mountain Bike Trail.

July 2020 Activity Report

From the storybook: Bald Eagles wnd Caesar watch each other
From the storybook: Bald Eagles and Caesar watch each other
Mary Mertz, Director of Ohio Department of Natural Resources, with Laura Briggs, Jenna Winters and Brant fulks, all from ODNR, toured Caesar Creek State Park and the Nature Center.
A child-sized Crawling Monarch Caterpiller and a Chrysalis Cocoon Hammock Hang-Out were created and installed.
Storybook Project
The new initiative to sponsor and help create an illustrated storybook about the Eagles of Caesar Creek is moving forward well. Volunteer Tracy Pfelfer Hall is providing illustrations.
Building and Grounds
Lighter trash cans for the Park Beach are being acquired. The Playscape at the Nature Center has been refurbished.
Trail Maintenance
An Eagle Scout project to replace Bridge Hickory on the Fifty Springs Trail was completed.
Trail Database
As part of the ongoing effort to update the state-wide trail attributes database, a shakedown hike on the Buckeye Trail that runs through Caesar Creek State Park was held, and MS Teams video conferences were conducted to review the Sycamore Trails and Hueston Woods State Park survey plans. Lastly, a trip to Sycamore State Park to conduct trail surveys was completed.

June 2020

New water crossing
In the fourth month of the COVID-19 pandemic slow-down, the park is starting to re-open per state guidelines.
Water Quality:
During the first half of the month, a water quality team kayak outing was held to collect lake water samples for quality analysis; currently the lake water is fairly "clean".
Storybook Project:
A new initiative to sponsor and help create an illustrated storybook about the Bald Eagles of Caesar Creek was kicked-off.
Trail Maintenance:
The Nature Center Trail Team and the Mountain Bike Trail (MBT) team joined forces to build a new water crossing on the Harveysburg Loop MBT. In addition, work to update the state-wide trail attributes database for six parks (Grand Lake St. Marys, Lake Loramie, Hueston Woods, Sycamore, Paint Creek and Caesar Creek State Parks) is on-going.

May 2020

Third month of the COVID-19 pandemic slow-down, most of the Nature Center activities have been postponed or canceled.
So far only a tele-conference Association Board meeting and a more general volunteer tele-conference occurred this month. One of the initiatives started at the board meeting was for board members to send email notes to general members of the Caesar Creek Nature Center volunteer group. This initiative will help keep the volunteers engaged until the park can re-open.

April 2020

Into the second month of the COVID-19 pandemic slow-down, most of the Nature Center activities have been postponed or canceled.
Trails and Grounds:
Activities that did occur were done by small groups, working outside, using "social distancing" methods. These included cleaning up beds around the Nature Center and finishing the update to State logo stickers for all the Way-Point Maps in the park.

March 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic much of March's Nature Center activities have been postponed or canceled. Activities that did occur were done by small groups, working outside, already using "social distancing" methods due to equipment safety.
These include clearing invasive plants from and refurbishing the trail at the new Nature Center Pond site, as well as moving all the materials for the new Mountain Bike trail water crossing about 2 miles from the Harveysburg Loop Trail Head to the work site. We also started to update the State logos on all the Way-Point Maps in the park and installing the last of the Bridge Tree Tags.
OCVN Classes:
Before the Nature Center was closed, the first day of Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist classes was held.
Water Quality:
We also conducted our monthly Water Quality Team Meeting.

February 2020

Trails and Grounds: February has been very busy. Work on two high priority 2020 goals; the new Nature Center pond and park kiosks, were started in earnest. Early in the month a team started clearing around the new pond and also started to refurbish the Bluebird Trail leading to the pond to make it more inviting to park guests. Park kiosks information and pictures were updated to prepare for the coming busy season. The Red Cedar Bridge on the Peninsula Trail was replaced as part of a BSA Eagle Project.

Water Quality: A new group dedicated to monitoring and education of water quality within the park held their first meeting.

iNaturalist Training with representatives from Fort Ancient and Caesar Creek on iNaturalist was held.

Education: Erin conducted three CPR/1st Aid classes.

Winter Hike: Near the end of the month, we held a record-breaking Winter Blues Hike event.

OCVN Class: We held the 2020 Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist Class Meet & Greet.

January 2020

Looking forward to 2020:
The start of a new year at Caesar Creek State Park is traditionally a time to look back at last year's accomplishments to appreciate what worked well and to add those things to our standard operation procedures. As well as looking at ways to improve our offering for park guests, it is also a good time to get some advance training completed.
First Day Hike
We also had a great start to the year with an exceptional First Day Hike with 258 guests and 20 volunteers participating! It looks like 2020 will be a banner year!

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