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2019 End of Year Naturalist Report

Caesar Creek State Park with Volunteer Support


Total Program Attendance - 121,587 people reached (this includes numbers for the TV show)

Total Program Attendance without including the TV show - 16,687 park visitors reached

Total Volunteer Hours - 7242 (Incl.; NC, MBT and Geocachers efforts)

Boating - Total attendance - 480 park visitors (numbers are down because of flooding)

Park Programs: 94,987 people reached, including TV show

Park Programs: 14,987 park visitors reached not including TV show

Wildlife Programs: 26,120 people reached, including TV show

Wildlife Programs: 1,120 park visitors without including the TV show

Monthly Highlights

January was a month of beginnings at the CCNC, we started our year off with the New Year’s Day hike with over 196 people attending, we then moved immediately into the new OCVN course. In addition we also began the cleaning and organization of the nature center. Some bullet points for January:
  • First Day Hike (196 attendees)
  • 6 volunteer workdays for deep cleaning and organizing the Nature Center
  • The volunteer room received new cabinets and shelves for better organization
  • Joe Dorian, Master Falconer hosted an intensive training session for 15 volunteers
  • 2 Nature's Corner TV Recordings; one on Falconry and one on the return of the Bald Eagles
  • Bridge Hop Hornbeam Bridge was recreated as a BSA Eagle Project
  • 4 OCVN Program 1 Sessions: Entomology, Ornithology, & Mammals; Stewardship & Aquatic Ecosystems; Wildflowers, Plants & Geology; and What is a Naturalist?
February was a bitter cold month, but the work continued by getting ready for the program season, focus on completing the first OCVN program of the year, as well also prepping for the second OCVN Program.
  • Winter Self-Guided Hike (35 attendees) it was very cold and very rainy...
  • 3 OCVN Program 1 Sessions: Tree Identification & Forest History; Interpretation; Soils, Watersheds & Ecosystems
  • Stryker vet visit
March was a great month when things began to speed up at the Nature Center; we started the second OCVN program, had our first major programs of the year and still moved forward with the year's goal of organizing.
  • Raptor cage cleanout and rearrangement
  • 2 OCVN Program 2 Sessions: Tree Identification & Forest History, and Interpretation, Soils, Watersheds & Ecosystems.
  • Cast Iron Cooking Workshop (18 attendees)
  • Support for the Maple Syrup Breakfast at Pioneer Village (325 attendees)
  • Phineas (snapping turtle) moved to another park
  • Salamander Migration Night Hike (48 attendees)
  • Spring into Fitness Hike (40 attendees)
Spring is always a very busy season at the Nature Center. This April started with our Easter Egg Hunt with kids and lots of grown up kids, we kicked the year off great! Tuffy the turtle beat the Easter Bunny in a race and over 5000 Easter Eggs were found in less than ten minutes!
  • Easter Egg Hunt (530 attendees)
  • Watercraft program preparation; cleaned out Yak/SUP shacks & inventory of boats and lifejackets
  • Nature Center Host training (8 volunteers)
  • Nature Center OBEC course (13 volunteers)
  • Green Up Day (130 attendees)
  • 5 raptor training days (6 volunteers)
  • 30 Owl Box Kits made by youth group.
  • Refit Stryker’s walls with HDPE plastic lining
  • Education shed shelving installed
  • 2 Guided Hikes (29 attendees)
  • 3 OCVN Program 2 Sessions: Entomology, Mammals, and Aquatic Ecosystems.
My what a rainy May this was; it seemed the whole Nature Center would float away. Regardless of the rain we still had some very big steps made toward our yearly goals. We had our first OCVN graduation ceremony for 2019 and over 52 volunteers showed up! We had a big push to get ready for cast iron cooking, making fire ring improvements and securing our woodshed. And we kicked off the program season strong, with weekly archery, and paddling programs.

  • New woodshed doors, fire ring cleanup and topcoat for the cob oven
  • Cast Iron Cooking Workshop (25 attendees)
  • Moved program totes into Education Shed
  • OCVN Program 2 Session: Ornithology
  • Spring OCVN celebration (52 volunteers)
  • STEM school visit (5 hours of archery)
  • Paddling instructor training (8 volunteers)
  • Blue Bird Workshop (35 attendees)
  • 3 Archery Programs (72 attendees)
  • 2 Guided Hikes (39 attendees)
  • Trail Team Training (20 volunteers)
  • 6 Nature Center Wildlife Tours (243 attendees)
  • 2 Water Safety Programs (28 attendees)
June is such a great time to work at the Nature Center; program season is in full swing, you can start to feel the early summer heat, lots of opportunity to be on the water, and other great programs. There were still plenty of educational opportunities, with wildlife tours often bringing in a hundred visitors a day at the Nature Center. We also got to officially welcome our new park manager.
  • National Association of Interpretation class (3 volunteers and the Park Naturalist)
  • Girl Scouts In-The-Park day (65 attendees)
  • Created an overall scout project list (new Columbus initiative)
  • New Nature Center chairs obtained through a Grant
  • NC host training
  • HobieCat repair day
  • 3 Honeybees & Other Pollinator Presentation (62 attendees)
  • Archery program (46 attendees)
  • Guided Hike (20 attendees)
  • Trail Team Training (47 volunteers)
  • 24 Nature Center Wildlife Tours (989 attendees)
  • HobieCat Sailing Event (9 attendees)
  • Nature's Corner TV Recording; Pollinators
July tends to be a time when you feel like it’s hard to catch your breath with the constant buzz of activity going on, this year that was increased by the Warren County beekeepers setting up an observational hive at the Nature Center. We also had many long days getting ready for the Meteor Shower Campout and we had 432 guests attend the yearly fishing derby!
  • Girl Scout weekend (20 attendees)
  • Glen Helen scout campout (15 attendees)
  • Legislator visit to Nature Center
  • Meteor shower Campout Preparation; beach cleanup, firewood cut, displays created, teams trained and much, much more….
  • Youth Fishing Derby (432 attendees)
  • Guided Hike (41 attendees)
  • Trail Team Training (15 volunteers)
  • 5 Watercraft programs (118 attendees)
  • Nature’s Corner TV Recording; Water Quality Monitoring
  • 2 Archery programs (70 attendees)
  • HobieCat Sailing Event (44 attendees)
  • Passport to Fishing programs (29 attendees)
  • Various Nature Center programs; wildlife tours, fossil program, pollinators, and Birds of Prey demonstration (783 attendees)
Meteor shower, meteor shower, meteor shower -- what else needs to be said? This year we broke all attendance records, over 4,500 people came and attended, the crowd enjoyed all of our special guests, with division of wildlife making a presentation, Joe Dorian from Ohio falconry, and tons of other fun and educational events. We also continued to do our regular programs, HobieCat sailing and other watercraft programs being particular successes.
  • Meteor Shower Campout (4,500 attendees)
  • Start of new online calendar for volunteers
  • 2 HobieCat Sailing Events (38 attendees)
  • HobieCat inspect and repair day fixed 5 (12 volunteers)
  • Various Nature Center programs; wildlife tours, bird banding, and Birds of Prey demonstrations (747 attendees)
  • 2 Guided Hikes (92 attendees)
  • Trail Team Training (15 volunteers)
  • 2 Watercraft programs (62 attendees)
September things start to slow down a little, with program season finishing off so we began to focus back in on projects. The beach bathroom repainting was a major undertaking, the friends group invested a total of $2,200 and lots of volunteer labor to get it organized and repainted along with a group of rambunctious high school students.
  • School community service day (15 students + 6 volunteers)
  • Beach Bathroom refurbishing completed (8 volunteers)
  • Ordered HobieCat replacement parts
  • Archery program (49 attendees)
  • Guided Hike (83 attendees)
  • Trail Team Training (15 volunteers)
  • 4 Watercraft programs (110 attendees)
  • Nature's Corner TV Recording; Caesar Creek Park Tour
  • Passport to Fishing program (55 attendees)
  • Various Nature Center programs; wildlife tours, and wildflower seed collection (555 attendees)
  • Training on Snakes Red Cross 1st Responders (37 attendees)
  • 2 SCORE (Non-Profit) training sessions for Board Members; Strategic Planning & Board Development (2 volunteers)
October starts off our fall/winter schedule, with the cooler days people love camping and coming out and seeing the fall colors, the Halloween campout is always a big deal for the park, and the campers who were there got to experience peak color, if they ventured out into the rain.
  • Cemetery Hike (89 attendees)
  • New bee fence (allows safe entry/exit to/from observation hive) and create & installed Bird Blind” Storage Shed doors (14 volunteers)
  • Wood splitting day; prepare for the Fall Cast Iron Cooking Workshop in Nov (10 volunteers)
  • Various Nature Center programs; wildlife tours, and Birds of Prey (499 attendees)
  • Nature's Corner TV Recording; Kestrels
  • Trail Team Training (17 volunteers)
  • Perimeter Hike 22 miles baby! (27 attendees)
  • Geocachers prepared Hunted Trail for Campground event (20 volunteers)
  • SCORE (Non-Profit) training session for Board Members; Recruitment (4 volunteers & Park Naturalist)
November is a great time for one of our favorite activities, cast iron cooking! The November program had sold out so fast we had to schedule a second one just to try to meet demand, we probably could have sold out an additional two programs easily, people love our cooking!
  • Cast Iron Cooking Workshop - two sessions (36 attendees)
  • Tree Academy session (3 volunteers & Park Naturalist)
  • Take Five training for Non-Profit orgs. All About Fundraising (3 volunteers)
  • 2 SCORE (Non-Profit) training sessions for Board Members; Board Development & Financial Management (7 volunteers & Park Naturalist)
Another great year has come and gone at Caesar Creek State Park. December is a great time for one of our favorite events; Holiday Traditions!
  • Successful Holiday Traditions Event (30 attendees)
  • Year-in-Review meeting with all the park volunteers
  • Winter OCVN celebration (68 volunteers)
  • Friends Group Off-Site Strategic Planning Weekend (8 volunteers & Park Naturalist)
  • Preparing for 2 new OCVN courses; Class of 2020
  • Among top in the state for Volunteer Hours at the Nature Center; Projects, Trail Work and Programs
  • Among top in state for program attendance and programs offered through the park!
Trail Improvement Summary
  • 44 Miles of Trails Groomed to Accessibility Standards
  • 4 Water Crossings Built/Refurbished
  • All Hiking Trails Re-Blazed (19 Miles)
  • 2 Puncheons Installed
  • Wellman Trail Head Refurbished
  • All Hiking Kiosks' Display Materials Refreshed monthly
  • 13 Ft of Corduroy Laid Down
  • 4 Informal Signs Installed
  • 68 Fallen Trees Removed
  • 8 Learn & Do Training Sessions

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